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Why “Groundroll”?

Come up with a concept, and then think of 100 different suitable domain names for your web presence. 97 of those will be taken already. Of the 97, 91 of them are not being used, but instead parked. Of the 91 that are parked, 85 of them are done so in order to perhaps have a big company buy it for a million dollars, and the other 6 will eventually be used by their owner in actual commerce.
Yes, the GoDaddy-fueled hopefuls make it difficult for people that actually DO something with internet domains.

Wow. Tthat opening to this article is like a rant! I hadn’t originally intended that.

Sometimes you get lucky and dont have to be too abstract. In this case we did get a little lucky. Groundroll is a term used primarily in aviation to describe that part of the takeoff wherein the airplane is still on the runway, gathering speed in preparation for its liftoff. We thought that this would be appropriate, given our focus, which is to discuss the launching of businesses to the next level.

We are just getting started, and we’re very busy with category and topic selection. It is easy to brainstorm topic lists, but a blog is like a printed magazine, and you don’t pick up a business magazine and go to Technology on page 47 just to see four pages of white, so we are being careful to notwaste our visitors mouse clicks!

March 28, 2012 - Posted by | NTDWA

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